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From John Houlihan – L.A. Music Supervisor, (Over 47 feature film credits including: The Love Guru, Austin Powers Trilogy, Charlie’s Angels 1 & 2, Miss Congeniality 1 & 2, The Lake House, Mr. Holland’s Opus)
“Orville Heyn brought an incredible skill set to “The Love Guru” - Songwriter, Arranger, Vocal Coach, Studio Producer... he does it all!  From our lead actor down to the youngest children’s choir member, Orville was able to maximize performances and lift our music scenes to their full potential.  He is very fast and efficient, dedicated, and always a positive energy.  With classical training and high-tech know-how, Orville was a valuable member of our filmmaking team.”
From Telma Hopkins – Actor, Singer, (The Love Guru, Family Matters, Bosom Buddies, Tony Orlando and Dawn)

“Every time I hear “Lead Me To Your Rock” I am amazed at your ability to pull a performance like that out of me!  Telma Hopkins sings gospel?  No way!  And that's exactly what I said to you when we spoke for the first time.  I've always been more Karen Carpenter than Aretha Franklin.  And while I will never be a threat to her, what you got out of me in two days was a miracle in my book!  Wrong key, wrong song {for me}, but what results!  I felt fearless!  Thank you so much for teaching me something new about myself.  "The Singer's Body" is real, people!

Mike Myers said it best when I told him, “I was apprehensive before I worked with Orville.  I don't sing gospel".  He said, "Well, you do now!" 'Nuff said!”

From Richard Hook (Vice President, Academic, Humber College)

“Thank you for the effort you put into your classes and into helping your students learn. … [You are among] the faculty who are highly regarded by their students for ‘helping them learn’ and for being ‘excellent teachers’.”
From Brian Lillos (Director, Jazz Studies/Commercial Music Program, The Humber School of Performing Arts, Humber College)
“Thank you for your contribution to our Artists’ Week. Your Master Class on Concert Presentation Skills, as well as your participation in the Vocal Summit, was a highlight of the week for many students.”
From Katie Kirkup-Ortolan (Music Teacher, Iroquois Ridge High School- Oakville)
“I have often been impressed over the years by Orville’s dedication and … tenacity [in running the vocal support program he designed for five high schools in my district]. … He provided a model for [the students] of high work ethic and dedication. Lessons were never cancelled. He always made allowances for the special needs of students, juggling his schedule to accommodate them.

“Orville has extensive knowledge of the voice as an instrument and of the professional world of music as well. With these strengths, he is able to instill a love of performing and a curiosity about the music world beyond school. His students have shown marked improvement in performance skills, ensemble skills, and … their understanding of care of the voice.”

From students who have taken songwriting Classes with Orville: (quotes taken from Humber college course evaluation questionnaires)
“[Orville’s course] teaches something I have always wanted to do. It teaches something quite unique and unavailable elsewhere in … Canada. … [An] unprecedented course.”
“[I got] constructive and encouraging feedback from [this] instructor. [Orville created] a positive environment for creativity and insightful commentary.”
“[This class] gave me an opportunity to delve deeper into my creativity, and to start to achieve my full potential as a songwriter.”
“This course cleared a major problem I had in writing songs. [It was a] complete success in my opinion. Excellent instructor.”
From students who have taken private singing lessons with Orville:
“I’d been through quite a few singing teachers before I found Orville. When I found him, I figured out why I kept changing teachers every month. Orville gave me the proper techniques to bring out the quality and fluidity in my voice. Thank you, Orville.” (Marsha Burton, cast member, The Lion King, Mirvish Productions)
“I have studied with several vocal coaches in the past, but only Orville has been able to really make a difference. My tone, power, and control have all significantly improved since studying with Orville. Orville’s technique has given me newfound confidence in the studio and on stage.” (Lisa Miranda, singer and recording artist)
“Orville has a great repertoire of voice exercises that help to work through problem spots in your vocal range. Combined with his patience and sense of humour, he can figure out what makes you as an individual use your voice to its potential. He also lets you sing what you want and offers suggestions of songs you might enjoy. Most important, though, his lessons are fun and he’s a swell guy!” (Samara Nicholds, actor and arts administrator)
“When Orville teaches, he makes you feel confident and encourages you to succeed. (Daniella Bratty, Secretary/Hairdresser)


“Dear Orville: Thank you for being my teacher. You have helped me develop the skills that have made me a better singer. … I promise to practise my singing and to join a choir at university.” (Kathryn Worzel, university student)
“I have no ambitions for the stage. I only started singing lessons for personal development, because it was a thing I’ve always wanted to do. I was 34 years old when I had my first lesson and Orville has worked very patiently with me…at helping me find my voice. I am amazed at the results. Orville has been an incredibly knowledgeable and sincere tutor, and with every small breakthrough that I’ve had along the way, he seems genuinely to have shared in my happiness. He sees me … for the individual I am and has tailored our lessons accordingly. More importantly, he adds an element of fun to every session and has made me see that I do have a voice and that I can indeed learn to sing. … I would absolutely recommend anyone to explore an interest in singing if they have one, no matter what their age or ambition—and to retain Orville as their teacher. He’s the best!" (Joan Hunt, fitness facility manager)
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