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  "The job of a professional singer is not an easy one by any means.  Not only are the jobs few and far between but the more work you get, the greater your chances of damaging the only instrument you have.  Orville Heyn understands what a singer (namely myself) needs in order to keep a functional instrument.

While studying with Orville for over two years at Humber College, I became an avid user of his many incredible techniques for maintaining vocal health.  Once I was outside of the scholastic setting, it became very hard for me to motivate myself to do the exercises that had become so evidently essential not only to my stamina but also to my ability to effortlessly and creatively use my voice. I became lazy. It wasn’t until very recently, about 5 – 6 months after discontinuing regular usage of Orville’s Resonance Exercises CD and his Warm-up CD that I began to feel a dramatic change for the worse in my instrument. My range began to diminish and I could barely get through a regular night of singing without a great amount of effort and even some discomfort.

Fearing the worst, I made a desperate pact with myself to get back to regular usage of Orville’s CDs. I had to do something. How much sense does it make to sabotage your own career because you can’t sacrifice 45 – 60 minutes a day on preventative maintenance?
The afternoon before the gig that could very well have seen me out of action with nodes, singing such rock hits as “Back In Black” by ACDC and “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin, I went through Orville’s unguided version of the Resonance/Humming exercise and a SIMPLE 15 MINUTES of the warm-up CD and headed to my gig. Not only did I make it through the job with chops to spare, I went on to jam for two more hours with some friends at another club later that night!  All this after only ONE AFTERNOON (40 MINUTES) of using Orville’s CDs!!!  One can only imagine what is possible with regular usage of these techniques. I used to know and I fully intend to experience it for myself once again.

Singers, if there’s one thing to take from my story it’s that you cannot take your instrument for granted. We are blessed to have, in my opinion, one of the most capable and professional vocal instructors in the world right here in Toronto, and believe me, I’ve shopped around.   Orville Heyn is a resource that is more than worth your time and attention whether you’re gigging 6 nights a week or you simply want to explore your vocal hobby. You owe it to yourself to unlock your own potential. I know that I’m not the only person who will tell you that Orville can and will help you do just that.
Michael Ferfolia (singer) Finalist on TV's Pop Stars, vocal credits on Amy Sky and Jesse Cooke albums.

I've recently completed Orville's level 1 course. Everyday I practice with the CDs he gave me, and truly the improvements are starting to show… Orville's methods may seem unorthodox at first. With patience and time you will understand how everything he teaches inter-relates. The order in which he asks you to do things begins to make sense, so hang in there.
Aditya Uozumi – student, aspiring performer

"Orville's class really makes a difference in the way you approach singing - with its emphasis on feeling sensation and vibration within the body, one is able to stop listening to one's voice (and judging the result) and start singing with ease."

Ted Powers - executive assistant, aspiring actor / singer

"Orville is an enabler of the highest order. I've found that my musical goals have become more focused, my imagination unfettered and my musical intuition more solid since I've begun working with Orville. Orville's approach is artistically holistic. I'd never really considered being a singer before meeting Orville, but he has a knack for creating a realm of infinite possibility."
Carey Ker - information technology analyst

"The Singer's Body - level one and two helped me fine-tune my voice, sing with boldness, and experiment with new vocal techniques. The resonance exercise encouraged me to look within and acknowledge my blocks. While this course was challenging, Orville's humour and accepting style made it fun."
Heather Pirie - singer / songwriter

"During Orville's classes I laugh so hard and frequently that I forget I am taking singing lessons. The reality of singing still fills me with dread but the classes are so much fun and as a bonus I think I'm even getting better."
Kim Atlin - artist / painter

"As a result of taking The Singer's Body class, I now feel free to grow beyond the image of my limitations I once held to be true. I have also received a lot of positive feedback from my musical colleagues on how much I have improved."
Damian Seguin - singer / songwriter

"The Singer's Body class is unlike any other singing class I've ever experienced. Orville is a gifted musician and teacher. His unique, imaginative and nurturing teaching style allows us to discover our "true voices" within a fun and lighthearted environment. It's an enlightening journey and memorable experience!"
Erica Kourous - webcasting producer

"Orville's language is simple yet precise. He applies eastern nuances in yoga with conventional western methods, and combines them to create a teaching philosophy that is sure to help anyone... He's the best music teacher I've had."
Pank Bagga - business owner, guitarist / songwriter

"Since taking the [Singer's Body] class I have had the confidence to start performing again. I have received positive feedback about my pitch, tone and increased range. Orville provides the tools that are needed to improve, doing so with expertise and a great sense of humour!"
Karen Hoyle - supervisor / server - Elephant and Castle, singer / songwriter

"At 52, I had doubts anyone could improve my voice. One of my joys in life is songwriting and playing guitar. I love to play at open stages but I know my weaknesses. Through the various exercises of which humming was critical, I slowly got in touch with my body and found my voice. I am thrilled that I can now step up to the microphone with confidence."
Peter Mandic - vice president - Optiq Ltd./On-Guard Safety Corp

"The Singers Body workshop with Orville Heyn has helped me become aware of the whole body as a resonance vessel, sounding board, transmission vehicle, and support system for the voice. It was also invaluable as a confidence booster. However, the most rewarding experience for me was how much Orville's presence and methods allowed my spirit to learn to love the process and relax with the uncertainty of the flow."
Frank Prather - singer / songwriter

"Orville has a rare gift. He is a talented artist and teacher who is able to communicate his knowledge with intuition. When I came to see him, I was singing from my throat and I had very little head voice. I was also confused about how to approach my problem due to other lessons I had in the past. He clarified what I needed to do. Following the exercises faithfully, I found a whole new freedom which I thought was unavailable to me."
Trudy Artman - singer / songwriter

"The vocal training and body awareness technique that Orville teaches is an incredible experience, both on a physical and technical level. His knowledge of the body and the way that one's own voice can be released gives every student a unique and powerful experience. I recommend this program to anyone who has even the slightest apprehension about singing, and especially those who harbor a secret desire to perform."
Ian F. Gardner - Thai massage therapist / bartender / writer and singer

"Orville's knowledge, talent and intuition provide a FUN atmosphere that supports (contagious) growth and spontaneity. The Singer's Body is about observation and expression. Each class, I witness and experience how the willingness to make a minor shift in posture, attitude or perception can improve the quality of sound and the confidence we feel. I have and will continue to recommend The Singer's Body to anyone wishing to learn more about themselves."
Julie Robbins - singer / comedian / coach

"I found that the singing meditation made me much more aware of my body and how the vibrations of the body affect my sound. Also, I have been on a quest for several years to overcome performance anxiety and this was very helpful in letting go of that."
Margaret Potvin - high school music teacher

"Singing is my first love and Orville's classes have helped me remember my childhood dreams. Orville helped me rediscover that I am only limited by my perception. Something suddenly clicked into place and now I know that I can develop my voice."
Ananda Yamit - student of homeopathic medicine, singer

"I have studied singing with Orville for almost two years. Prior to that I had voice teachers who would try to explain a sensation to me which I just didn't understand. Everything that Orville describes I have been able to feel. If there is something I don't understand, his resonance exercise helps bring awareness to the area in question. Orville's approach to teaching has brought me closer to my singing goals, and continues to do so every day."
Rosanne Howell - first year vocal student, Humber College, Toronto

"The first night I arrived, I sat holding a lot of fear (not to mention my breath) until Orville started to speak, calmly, clearly and with authority. Orville was so totally at ease, so totally grounded that I surrendered all my nonsense and focused on the exercise at hand. The classes were a wonderful mixture of delight and wonder, of stepping through fears and marveling at the changes. I learned not only from my own experiences but from watching and listening to the other students. At 50, I was not looking to become a singer. But I have to say that there is now a greater awareness and consequently a perceptible strength in the voice that was not there before. The bonus has been to set aside the fears and simply to enjoy the freedom in singing."
Anke Tuinman -- FLMI

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